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Easter Egg Hunt 2024

On March 30th, First National Bank and Trust invite you to join together for a heartwarming celebration of rural life at Larson Park's Easter Egg Hunt. As residents of this community, we understand the profound importance of coming together as neighbors, fostering connections that enrich our lives in countless ways.

This event serves as a poignant reminder of why we have all chosen to embrace rural living, emphasizing the invaluable sense of community that defines our shared experience. One of the most touching aspects of this Easter Egg Hunt is the involvement of our assisted living facility, where residents generously fill the eggs with treats for the youngest members of our community. Their selfless act of kindness not only brings smiles to the faces of our children but also embodies the essence of rural living – a collective commitment to compassion, empathy, and intergenerational support.

Against the backdrop of Larson Park's natural beauty, families will gather to partake in this cherished tradition, united by laughter, camaraderie, and a deep appreciation for the close bonds that bind us together. As we witness the joy and excitement of the little ones as they search for hidden treasures, we are reminded once again of the unique allure of rural life – where neighborly connections flourish, and the simple acts of kindness illuminate our shared journey. So come and join us on March 30th at 9am as we celebrate the spirit of community that makes rural living truly special, at Larson Park's Easter Egg Hunt.

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