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"We Serve" - LIONS


The Whitehall Lions Club, part of the international Lions Clubs organization, has been an active and integral part of the Whitehall community for decades. Known for their motto "We Serve," the members of the Whitehall Lions Club embody this spirit through a wide array of community service activities and charitable events. Their commitment to improving the lives of their neighbors makes them a true example of "neighbors in action."

A Legacy of Service

Since its inception in 1946, the Whitehall Lions Club has focused on addressing the needs of the local community. The club's efforts are broad and varied, ranging from supporting vision and health initiatives to supporting local programs and projects. 

Key Initiatives

  1. Vision and Health Programs: One of the cornerstone initiatives of the Whitehall Lions Club is their dedication to vision health. The club organizes regular vision screening events in local schools and community centers, ensuring that children and adults alike have access to essential eye care. They also collect and recycle eyeglasses, which are distributed to those in need around the world.

  2. Community Support: The Lions are known for their active involvement in local community events and support for various causes. They participate in the annual community “Beef & Dairy Days”, Trunk or Treat events, sponsor Citizen of the Year awards to recognize significant contributions to the community and have made substantial contributions to the Whitehall library project, Melby Park stadium, Aquatic Center, and 1915 bandstand restoration.  The Whitehall Lions provided park shelters in both Melby and Larson parks as well as dugouts and seating at Larson Park and playground equipment at Melby Park. The latest project to be undertaken by the Lions Club is the improvement of the canoe and kayak landing at Larson Park. The new landing will provide a handicap accessible launch to allow access to more residents.

  3. Youth Engagement: Investing in the future, the Whitehall Lions Club places a strong emphasis on youth programs. They sponsor local school activities such as the 8th Grade Washington DC trip, provide scholarships to deserving students entering a medical field, and support community programs such as the Trempealeau County Fair and the school musical to empower young people. By fostering a spirit of service and leadership in the youth, they ensure that the values of community service are passed on to the next generation.

  4. Environmental Initiatives: The club also participates in environmental conservation efforts, such as community clean-ups, park projects and recycling drives. These activities not only beautify the local area but also promote environmental awareness among residents.

Impact on the Community

The impact of the Whitehall Lions Club on the community is profound. Their tireless work has fostered a sense of unity and support within the community. The club’s initiatives have helped with projects that improve our residents quality of life.

As the Whitehall Lions Club continues its mission, they are constantly seeking new ways to serve their neighbors. They are always open to new members who are passionate about making a difference. By leveraging the strengths and talents of their members, the Whitehall Lions Club aims to expand their reach and impact, ensuring that no neighbor is left behind. 

The Whitehall Lions Club stands as a shining example of what it means to be neighbors in action. Their dedication to service, compassion, and community spirit serves as an inspiration to all. Through their varied initiatives and unwavering commitment to helping others, they are not just neighbors in action but true champions of the community.

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