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Entrepreneurship Partners Grant


The goal of the Entrepreneurship Partner Grant is to encourage the formation of entrepreneurship support programs and to develop startup and emerging growth companies in the state of Wisconsin.


The technical assistance model for entrepreneurial development is designed to accelerate and improve outcomes, growth and scaling of new and early-stage businesses. In a technical assistance model, entrepreneurs and business teams enroll in a defined program over a certain period of time or receive custom technical assistance. Participants may be provided with financing, experienced hands-on mentorship, educational programming, visibility to investors and other resources, along with processes for market and customer validation and for developing and testing the commercial viability of an idea.

The program provides an entity operating a nonprofit technical assistance program with grant funding used to support the direct operational expenses of the program. Program funds may also be used for eligible financial support of participant companies/individuals related to technical assistance program participation.

The program has two related grants available: one focused on new or pilot projects through a competitive selection process and one for established programs with demonstrated results with an open application period.

The deadline to apply is October 29th.

Here is a link for more information:

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